SIP Trunking & Phone Service

SIP-Trunking-255SIP Trunking Already have a VoIP system? Our SIP trunking service allows you to use our self-healing VoIP network as your telephone service provider. Plus, you can port your phone numbers to us with our painless and seamless porting process and we can provide your inbound calling service as well. SmartVox gives you the best that VoIP has to offer without replacing your existing phones or PBX.

Simple Billing

Service can be billed per minute fixed-rate monthly service. We’ll work with you to ensure the best value for your configuration.

Easy Planning

You pay for each seat, not per minute, per line, per call, or per phone number, making it easier to plan for today, as well as tomorrow.

No Weird Fees

If you’re a taxable business in New York, we have to charge New York sales tax. Otherwise your bill is as simple as a fast food receipt. No other taxes, fees, surcharges, recovery nonsense, or any of those other weird fees you see on your current phone bill.

Always What You Need

Gone are the days of one phone per line, one line per phone; use as many numbers, simultaneous calls, and phones as you need and you only pay for capacity you use. Also gone are the days of paying extra for features that we include at no additional charge!

Custom Call Delivery

We will work with you to determine whether you need 4, 7, or 10 digits, as well as other technical information like signaling, framing, coding, switch type, and all the other mumbo-jumbo that phone people talk about.

Flexible Configurations

SmartVox SIP trunking can be pure VoIP when connecting to an IP-PBX, we can convert to a PRI, or banks of FXO and/or FXS lines for connections to legacy (analog) PBX systems. Translated: we can provide your service no matter what you need.

Each customer is different. Let's start exploring your scenarios.